Deformation Solution of Die Casting Aluminum Alloy


① Overall deformation or local deformation; ② Die casting geometry drawings do not match.


① Poor casting structure; ② The mold is opened too early, and the rigidity of the casting is not enough. ③ The ejector rod is improperly set, and the force is uneven during ejection. ④ When the gate is located or the thickness of the gate is too thick, it is easy to deform when the gate is removed. ⑤ The resistance caused by the rough local surface of the tool is large, and the product is deformed when it is ejected.


① Improve the casting structure; ② Reasonably adjust the pressure holding and mold opening days ③ Reasonably set the ejection position and the number of ejector pins, preferably 4 in an open place; ④ Change the gate position so that the gate has a point and reduce the gate thickness, so that the product will not deform easily when the gate is removed, subject to ensuring the casting quality of the product; ⑤ Strengthen the mold surface treatment to reduce the demoulding resistance; ⑥ Control the temperature of the local mold to maintain the thermal balance of the mold.

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